About Rebecca

About Going Green Gal

I am an avid gardener, very blessed to live in sunny Saratoga California. I was born and raised in Indiana so feel incredibly lucky to be able to grow my own food all year-round. I am a Santa Clara Master Gardener & write a monthly garden column for the San Jose Mercury News. I am passionate about researching & sharing tips and ideas on how we can all live a little more gently in regards to ourselves, our planet & each other – striving for sustainability we can live with! As a fulltime realtor here in the Bay Area, I help my clients find ways to “Go Green” inside their homes & outside in their own backyards. I hope you will find my monthly Green Tips useful & I hope you get inspired by the monthly Garden Tips & the Edibles You Can Plant & Grow!

I look forward to your feedback and input on ongoing endeavors & pursuits!

For more information about me and real estate, visit: http://www.apr.com/rjepsen/