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A hopefully helpful list of what to do in your garden this month – tried and true tips from the experts.

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Being an avid gardener, born and raised in Indiana, I feel incredible blessed to live in sunny California & be able to grow my own food all year-round! I write a monthly garden column for the San Jose Mercury News & am constantly striving for tips & ideas on how to live a little more gently in regards to ourselves, our planet & each other – basically sustainability we can live with! As a fulltime realtor here in the Bay Area, I help my clients “Go Green” in & around their homes & communities.

I hope you will find my monthly Green Tips useful; & I hope you find inspiration in the monthly Garden Tips & the incredible Edibles You Can Plant & Grow!

WEEKLY GREEN TIP: Save time, money (and hopefully the planet)!

  • Green Tip of the Month

    Pocket Gophers make their presence known by building crescent shaped mounds of dirt. They feed on plant and tree roots as they tunnel through the soil. They are active year-round and can have up to three litters a year in well-watered areas. They also gnaw on irrigation lines to divert water into their tunnels, making it difficult to properly water plants. Adults live about three years. Trap them using Macabee or box traps for the best means of control.

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