Green Tip of the Month

Green Tip of the Month

Pocket Gophers make their presence known by building crescent shaped mounds of dirt. They feed on plant and tree roots as they tunnel through the soil. They are active year-round and can have up to three litters a year in well-watered areas. They also gnaw on irrigation lines to divert water into their tunnels, making it difficult to properly water plants. Adults live about three years. Trap them using Macabee or box traps for the best means of control.

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Green Tip for Your Furry Friends!

Most of us treat our pets like children – and that’s a GOOD thing! However, many chew toys can
become a (sometimes deadly) choking hazard!
Avoid toys with:

❌Glued-on eyes or buttons
❌ Loosely attached legs, arms or tails
❌ Product tags
❌ Openings that provide easy access to squeakers/fillings

To be safe, all toys should be twice as large as the width of your pet’s jaw.

Here’s wishing All of you a Happy & (hopefully) Healthy 2021!

Green Tip of the Month

Unfortunately, our household waste generally increases by 25% during the Holiday Season! We waste more food, we use more energy and we receive and buy lots of new electronic devices. To help reduce waste, recycle all your old batteries. Many local stores like Home Depot and Ace Hardware have drop off bins. For a complete list go to:

Thanksgiving Green Tips!!!

As Thanksgiving is approaching, here are some useful tips for the holidays!!!

  1. Making homemade holiday decorations will save you time and money AND allow you to do a little family bonding! Paint gourds, use left-over pumpkins, corn cobs, dried flowers, nuts and twigs to create table decorations. Make place cards out of dried leaves. Use string and acorns to make napkin rings…
  2. Don’t forget to donate those leftovers to your local food bank or safety net organization – they would be thankful to have it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍂

Reduced holiday gas consumption!

According to Use Less Stuff, if each family reduced their holiday gas consumption by just one gallon (approximately 20 miles), we would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by one million tons!

Recycle your plastic Ziploc sandwich and freezer bags!

Now you can recycle your plastic Ziploc sandwich and freezer bags. Per, you can take them to your local grocery store or supermarket and add them to their plastic shopping bag bins. Of course you can wash and reuse them a few times before you need to recycle them to be even more eco-friendly.